Ecological Risk Assessments in Cornwall & Devon, UK | Plan for Ecology
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Ecological Risk Assessments in Cornwall & Devon, UK

Ecological Risk Assessments

Plan for Ecology can undertake Ecological Risk Assessments, Ecological Scoping Surveys and Walkover Surveys in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and throughout the UK.  These assessment types are all variations of an extended Phase 1 Habitat survey that we taylor to meet our clients requirements and to ascertain possible ecological constraints.

These assessments usually comprise a desktop study and field visit. The aim being to assess the potential of the site to support protected species or important habitats, and to demonstrate compliance with wildlife legislation and planning policy objectives.

Plan for Ecology recommend that an Ecological Scoping Survey, Ecological Risk Assessment or a Walkover Survey is undertaken as early as possible during the ‘concept’ stage of a proposed development. This is because some protected species surveys can only be undertaken at specific times of year and missing the appropriate survey window may lead to long and expensive delays before the planning application can be determined.