Bat Surveys in Cornwall & Devon, UK | Plan for Ecology
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Bat Surveys in Cornwall & Devon, UK

Bat Surveys in Cornwall, Devon & Somerset

Plan for Ecology’s knowledgeable and accredited ecologists regularly undertake detailed bat surveys in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and throughout the UK. Bats are European Protected Species (EPS) protected under European and National law. This makes it an offence to capture, kill, injure or disturb individual animals, or to disturb or damage their roost sites.

Works with potential to impact bats may need to be informed by detailed surveys.  For example, works to buildings, either new or pre-existing, may need to be informed by comprehensive bat surveys, as may wind turbine installation and the loss of significant areas of foraging habitat.

Where a development project will impact bats and/or their roost sites a Natural England (NE) EPS licence or Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL) may be required to permit works. Plan for Ecology frequently prepares, and successfully obtains, mitigation licences on behalf of clients.